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As soon as I approached the paddock to take a photo of the ducks they took off and flew over the graveyard behind the church.

This was taken on a frosty morning in Windyer which is out Mudgee way. A repost to participate in Julie's Taphophile Tragics community.  There continues to be a wonderful variety of posts from around the world while my specialty is country Australia.


  1. Not a bad spot for "eternal rest", is it?

  2. I agree with Letty. To know that the early morning light strikes a tombstone like that, that the ground is frozen with white frost, that the duck take flight ... that a photographer tippy-toes yet still crackles the blades of grass ... a blissful eternal rest.

  3. I like the layers tombstones, the light and the white ducks, who look like little angels or fairies.

  4. Yes, this is cemetery style that I like best. The colors are perfect, too.

  5. The morning light hitting the tombstones and ducks in flight is breathtaking. (The cold air too i imagine)

  6. This looks like a fantastic graveyard! Love the old stones.

  7. Tall interesting looking headstones! Love how the light seems to turn one to almost gold while the others offer a circling frame of grey!

  8. This looks like another old cemetery that has gotten a bit overgrown!

  9. You know, I go into cemeteries that are neat, well maintained, easy to get around. And I think they are great.

    I also go into cemeteries that are dishevelled, overgrown, tumbling down, and broken. And I think they are great.

    I love long stems of grass laden with seed bowing in the breeze which the headstones covered in moss, just stand there, erect and mute. I love that contrast.

    I love country NSW graveyards, and I have not touched upon the people as yet!!

    Thanks or directing us to this post. I stand by my original comments.

  10. Beautiful picture. Such an amazing looking cemetery.

  11. That is special to see so much birds flying there. Is there something nice to eat, or do they enjoy the sun.


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