Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Dog

I guess it is a problem living next door to a camping site.


  1. I love to analyse handwriting.

    aged <45

    Once, 'running writing' changed from cursive to modified-cursive I think it was all down-hill from there.

  2. Very amusing Julie and you are probably spot on.

  3. Those E's. Are they characteristic of any school script or state? Certainly not Qld.

  4. Somebody might take the dog. The writing isn't too bad. The first part is all lower case and the second part all upper case. Some people mix it all up in one word. The E's are unusual like in fruit shop signs.

  5. The Es like that, to the best of my knowledge, are not school induced but an affectation. They came into some forms of writing about the time that the dot on an i become an enclosed circle.

    From memory it was about two or three 'generations' after I left high school, a generation being about 7 years. I would put in sometime during the '70s. It was only done by young females, but of course, they are older women now.