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Mid Western

Here we go, we're crossing the boundary into OUR region ... Clandulla (the home of Whistler's Rest and the destination of our journey) is not big enough to rate a mention but our near neighbours are Kandos and Rylstone.  Diane was asking for a map so you will find one here.

Just before this sign we pass through the locality of Round Swamp.  I remembered that on a previous trip I had taken a photograph of hay bales here, and kept an eye out for them to add to my haystacks series, but each time we passed there was none.  It's been raining a lot. The sun was out this day and the farmer was making hay while the sun shone.


  1. I don't think I've ever been to Rylstone. I just had a google walk around it. It's a dinky little town, isn't it?
    I didn't realize Clandulla was quite so close to Sofala.
    Do the locals pronounce it "clndlla"?
    When I moved to Ararat I was always going on about Crowlands.
    Crolnds, apparently.

  2. Ah ha! Now I know where we are. Great catch, the farmer making hay while the sunshines.

  3. Gulgong, billabong... Are there many 'ong's in aboriginal languages or is this just a coincidence?

  4. Letty, we are yet to meet many locals. The properties are all rather sparse and we have not managed to camp out there yet. Hopefully we will be able to do so in the next couple of months and get to know people better. People seem to say the name the way we would expect it to be pronounced.

    JM, there are many aboriginal languages and like most ordinary Australian's I know next to nothing about them. On our lives the place names are about the only hint to the aboriginal languages and then generally prefaced with "Is said to be" because it is never quite certain whether that is what the aborigines callled it or some sort of anglicised variant or whether the aboriginal connection is just some sort of myth.

  5. Letty, also meant to say I agree Rylstone is a great little town. I will take you on a personal tour via the blog sometime soon.

  6. Thanks for the map. They are always helpful, and send me off on tangents. So is this image of the haymaker and old one?

  7. Thank you for your answer, J.E.


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