Saturday, September 11, 2010

Windy August


It was August (known to be a windy month of the year) and it was blowing a gale.  Tumbleweeds hurtled across our path, pressed forward by the busy wind.

While I was photographing the tumbleweed, I braved the icy blast to find a few more tiny flowers and fruits by the roadside.


  1. Lovely lovely ... I did not know what a tumbleweed was, really. It is not a specific plant, is it? Does it vary from the TW in cowboy films?

    I used to love cowboy films ... ranchers vs rustlers ... hah!

  2. the browns are so rich ..the blooms so brave!!

  3. Elk, I love that description ... brave.

    Julie, tumbleweeds are not a specific plant but rather a dried out plant that gets lifted out of the ground and pushed along on the wind ... some bigger than others but they all do a good job of rolling across the flat land. I tried and tried to get a good shot of them tumbling across the road but didn't succeed so settled for grabbing this rather scrawny one and anchoring it with my foot to get the shot.

  4. Great flora once again! Wonderful images.

  5. Tough Aussie plants. I can't stand wind especially a cold one.

  6. I love the format you've used here, much better than a collage. I keep forgetting it's winter where you are...