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Walking day

Track into Wilpeana Pound
I had planned on this being a walking day. Nothing strenuous just a 7kms return circuit stroll into Wilpeana Pound – nearly all flat, such a change from steep climbs on the tracks back home.
One of the characteristics of the Flinders Ranges is the diversity of landforms and vegetation. For those who are interested the slideshow is a summary of the vegetation we saw on the way. There were wildflowers too which I will include in another post.


  1. I do love that place! The slide show was terrific too.

  2. I'd like to take a walk there.

  3. I don't recall a lot of flatness on the way UP to the pound, but once inside, just a delight.

  4. Pete, it's great to have you popping in at the moment. We get to the really good bits soon.

    Julie, anything is flat compared to a walk in the BMs. To my mind it was really, really flat with just a tiny climb towards the end.

    Jim and Megan, thanks for visiting it is beautiful and made extra beautiful because of the rain. Locals say you will never see it better than at the moment. Last time I was here it was super hot and dusty. So much so, that I don't even think we did this full walk into the pound ... but it was 30+ years ago and I've lost the photographs so my memory of it is not all that clear.

  5. Wow it is a beautiful place. I would love to do that walk but not sure if I would last the didtance. I must put this place on my list.

  6. Another great slide show. I especially like the water and rock shots.

  7. You had excellent light for this series, everything looks detailed and balanced. You have a beautiful country, JE.


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