Saturday, September 4, 2010


Argent Street, Broken Hill

Broken Hill is an excellent example of a city that has retained its heritage character with beautifully restored buildings and its wide verandahs intact.  The shade is welcome in summer – more than 90 days a year are above 30C.

There's lots of iron lace here.


  1. Interesting to see how different people photography the same place in different ways.

  2. Love the cars, all parked "just so" within the lines. Next to each other, but carefully separated.

  3. I wonder if people use the verandahs. Do people sit out and watch the world pass by?

  4. A really beautiful town. I hear right now Broken Hill is under a bit of water...

  5. Great collection of beautiful balconies.

  6. Ann, yes that is why I have been following your blog with interest.

    AB, I don't know about their verandahs but in the summer time we certainly sit on the verandah of our house and chat to people passing by.

    Winam, there has been unusually high rainfall out there this year -- transforms the place.