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Watch the slide show first.
Silverton, NSW (slide show)

About 25kms outside Broken Hill is the ghost town of Silverton.  It’s an old mining town that fell into rack and ruin but today it is home to many artists (there is strong tradition of desert art out this way) and a booming tourist trade such that new buildings are being constructed and the decay on old buildings halted – so not entirely a ghost town any more. The story of the railway to this town becomes important later in this trip but I will leave that until then.

Silverton has been used in movies and is the scene of a million images.  It’s photogenic and I’m sure there is not one angle that has not already been explored.  Mad Max 4 is to be filmed here but is held up because the desert is too green!


  1. What a lovely expression 'Of your charity'. That slideshow is a wonderful way to show your reaction to a place. A bit like me trying to express my train ride by mixing the images up.

    Lovely area for a photographer ...

  2. Fabulous!
    I love every photo.
    What it must have been like to live there so many years ago.

  3. Super slide show and gives one a great impression of the outback. It is good news that the town is being rekindled.

  4. Wonderful images! My favourite has a ruined car in the foregound.

  5. I'm falling in love with slide shows, this one is great. Maybe we should learn how to add music? I wonder how long that takes?

    Too bad about the desert, you would think they could do something in post production but I guess it's more than just the color.


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