Friday, September 3, 2010

Silver city

Palace Hotel and mine tailings, Broken Hill

Let me hasten to mention that Broken Hill is one town who’s raison d’etre is not a river – it’s mining. You will understand how much mining pervades this city when you realise the image above is taken looking across the main street to the next parallel street.


  1. And there is a mullock heap right there!! They haven't done much to landscape it either, have they? Probably back in the days when it was not required. And what grows out there anyways. Lovely pub ... was that the one that Ann showed too?

  2. Yesterday's post gives you an idea of what grows out there in a good year. So perhaps it is landscaped!

    Yes the pub is the one tht Ann showed.

  3. Cripes, the mine's rather close...

  4. Perhaps they could grow a nice creeper over it??!!

    That's a very BIG hotel, isn't it?

    And what's that bulbousy, toilety, looking thing out the front on the footpath near the parking sign?

  5. Letty, the slag heap is several kilometre long so I think the nice creeper might take a while to cover it if it could survive the climate. And I rather think the citizens of Broken Hill like it the way it is, they are very proud of their mining heritage.

    Yes it is a big hotel and only one of many. I get to show you some more before we leave town. (Lots more verandahs to come AB)

    As for the bulbous thing I don't know what it is. I looked the at the original photo and still can't make it out.

  6. Love the juxtaposition of the building and the 'wall' in the background.