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Ruin by roadside Eurelia

Now regular readers know I am always photographing abandoned dwellings but I’d could go mad here. There are places not so much abandoned but rather ruins all over the place. I think the reason is that the more durable building material (stone and bricks) lives on much longer. In NSW you will often see a brick fire place and a few footings and no evidence of the rest of the home, while here there are gaping roofless buildings or piles of rubble.

This particular ruin was not chosen for is photographic beauty. We had to pull up because the wind was playing havoc with our roofrack and it just happened to be over the road.


  1. That wall looks decidedly crook. And look at that adorable liitle gate just down there. Ooo my eye sees detail.

    That last commment is becoming more and more true. I think I am 'seeing' through a permanent viewfinder.

  2. This somehow reminds me of a photo of a place I posted on my travel blog last time I went to the southwest.

  3. The colours are striking. It also conjures up questions like "Who lived there?"

  4. I like it, all of the angles add up to something more.


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