Monday, September 6, 2010

Royal pubs

Old Royal Hotel, Corner of Oxide and Mica Streets, Broken Hill

There are plenty of pubs in this town. I'm told a mere 20 pubs and 5 clubs down from 47 pubs and 15 clubs when the mine had 7000 employees rather than the 700 today.

I found three Royalish ones.  

Rather quaintly, many of the streets have names of minerals and chemicals associated with mining – names like Oxide, Silver, Argent, Chloride, Iodide, Sulphide, Mica, Mercury, Tin and Calcite. 


  1. It looks a very prosperous town, from your photos. I quite like that first photo. Reminds me of the days of Cobb & Co for some reason. I noticed the names of the streets under the first photo and was going to comment until you took the wind out of my sails. THat second pub is so similar to so many other country town pubs that I see that have been 'modernised'. There must be a template to strip them of all individuality.

  2. I think the Royal Exchange is an Art Deco hotel and always looked like that. Perhaps my photo didn't do it justice.

  3. The middle shot is my favourite. I like the building and how they have put its name on.

  4. It always amused us just how many pubs were in each country town back in the old days.