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How could he?

I don’t know how he could eat Emu pie for lunch after seeing these chicks earlier in the morning.


  1. OMIGOD! How barbaric!! But I don't recall ever feeling the same sense of outrage about chicken pie/chickens ...

    Happy travels!!

  2. They are so cute! Beautiful family photo!
    By the way, I couldn't...

  3. Hee hee good post. Good shots. That's why my daughter is a vegetarian.

  4. Fortunately I don't see cute little chicks running about half an hour before I tuck into a Red Rooster classic roast.

  5. Oh wow!
    I've never, ever seen baby emus.
    I get so excited when I see an adult, I'd be beside myself at this sight.

  6. Have never seen emu chicks either - nothing like their parents!


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