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Desert wildflower collection

Desert flowers, Broken Hill 

Just before Broken Hill the fruit fly protection zone begins.  All fruit and veg must be disposed of in the bin.  So we stopped to gobble up what was left and throw away a few remnants. I took the opportunity for a short walk among the desert plants. It might look arid but there are tiny hardy flowers everywhere, not visible until you get out and take a closer look. 


  1. Agreed. That is one of the joys of Australian Native vegetation. It is subtle, and has had to survive under trying circumstances. Such a joy for a photographer to discover. Whereas home garden plants like poppies and petunias et al ... wave out there in your face.

    This is a delightful melange. What is that other word ... an assemblage of images ... hate when my memory for words goes ... fails me ... aarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!

  2. It is meant to be 24 down here today but is grey ... and overcast ... and rain is beckoning ... and I am meant to wander again through Elizabeth Bay. A grey harbour ... again ... no thanks!

  3. I think Collage was the word you were looking for. I am heading down to the city again today so I will see the warm grey.

    Talking of wildflowers waving in your face ... what a difference these flowers are to the recent image in Fading Memories.

  4. Oh wow - they are so beautiful.
    I agree - they are hidden delights and it's so exciting when you stumble across one.

  5. Desert flowers have such wonderful colours. I've never seen any of these before.

  6. ... And what a collection it is. Wonderful post!

  7. how pretty this "bouquet" is!!

  8. Not that I understand what "fruit fly protection zone" means to be -- if you protect the fruit flys why throw everythin in the bin (of course I am kidding, but: what is the problem with fruit flies?)
    Wonderful collage (ha!). Especially the first one (is it part of the collage at all?).

  9. Amazing what there is to find on just a short walk. So many others would pass it all by. It's not all about getting from one destination to another is it, it's the journey in between as well. Wonderful!


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