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Broken Hill housing

Heritage house, Broken Hill

I don’t normally photograph normal housing but I make an exception here because it’s not normal to my eyes.  Many of the older houses are clad in corrugated iron. 

While corrugated iron roofs are common throughout Australia and I’ve often shown corrugated iron buildings on farms it’s unusual in a city. I understand that it’s light weight and easy to construct, a good thing when far from the sea or a navigable river and there’s no decent timber for miles and miles.


  1. You're not blocked at work today, how strange. I fell in love with these tinnies, took lots of photos of them in all their varying states of decay. Hope to get my albums and blog posts up before too long. Serves me right for shooting so much in raw. Taking ages to process.

  2. Wonderful! A cross between a barn and a Greek temple!

  3. Ann, they are fascinating aren't they. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

    AB, what a great description. They certainly are a mix of architectural styles. Makes them even more quirky than just the use of CI. I jpicked one or many, they are all different.

  4. Very strange! Isn't it too hot in summer?

  5. But ... where does the CI come from? Lysaughts in Port Pirie perhaps. In the days when rail was king no doubt.

  6. I am always fascinated by the different architecture? in different towns and countries. In Broome most of the houses, new ones, are totally constructed with corrugated iron. We were told it is because it is the cheapest building material to transport the many miles from the cities.


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