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Slow Down

This ad seems quite funny out there on flat straight roads with hardly another car in sight. They are plastered all over New South Wales at the moment ... certainly noticeable, and hopefully effective because the NSW road toll was up 40% year on year (still way down on the 1970s and 80s though).

Tomorrow we see the big river, the Murray.


  1. That is quite interesting - in Germany with its no-speed-limit autobahnen they try the more "psychological" approach with huge boards besides the autobahn, photos of young couples, orphans et al and something like: they were too fast!

    I imagine a sign with a policeman and a "slow down" would not impress anyone. Totally different mindset here (not my mindset!!!).

    A link to the German kind of "slow down" - "runter vom gas" just means that.
    I wonder how these posters appear to Australians?

  2. it's a shame to ruin a lovely view like that!

  3. Martina, this is a very interesting issue. My husband had me in knots today trying get me to settle on a position on whether the 'no limits with education' approach or 'policed speed limits' are better. I can't quite decide.

    As for the German signs -- they have them here too -- apparently they don't work too well. There was a cheeky campaign that by the wagging a little finger at young men speeding implied they were doing it because they have a small penis ... that slowed them down.

  4. That sign is wicked.

    Might actually get people to pay attention out here, where they mostly drive over the speed limit on the highways.

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  6. had to edit, sorry, link did not work:

    We had these ones, too - seems to be an universal thing - I did not like them at all, btw.

  7. This clever idea makes a cool billboard.

  8. Hi Martina, it looks like everyone is playing copycat. This has been a surprisingling interesting post. Thanks for the links.


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