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Abandoned Church

I just had to stop a take a photo of this little church which like so many country churches appeared out in the middle of nowhere.

This is the area where the Santas were at the farm gates.

And also note how "thin" the grass is getting though there are still tall trees.


  1. Hm, to me it looks like a church that has never been used ... like people have built a church and then thought otherwise. Strange.

  2. Thanks an interesting angle Martina. One does wonder why the window frames were removed (perhaps never put in). I guess they could have been stained glass ... to valuable to just leave.

  3. "Thin" is one way of looking at it! If it were a bloke he would have a combover!

    I love little structures like this. I am surprised it has not been purchased by some affluent city person for a trendy home and moved as we discussed the other day. Or maybe, all the huffing and puffing would be too much for this little house made of bricks.

  4. Tis a bit far from anywhere to suit a city person and the view ain't that great for it to be used in situ.

    Brick buildings are rather hard to pick up (though I have seen it done on cable TV after lots and lots of strapping and pinning so it needs to be a very significant building to be worth it).

    So I reckon too much huffing and puffing involved. In fact a big puff and this one might fall down it had some pretty big cracks in the walls.

  5. There seem to be no end of abandoned buildings in the farmland interior. I guess everyone has gone surfing on the coast.


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