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Wind farm

The big action out at Carcoar Dam is the wind farm on the slopes beyond the water's edge. 15 wind turbines make for an impressive display.

From the information sign at the dam.
"As a renewable source of energy, wind power enables electricity to be generated without any greenhouse gas emissions. Over its lifetime, the Blayney Wind Farm will save more than 400,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)that would otherwise have been produced from coal fired generation."


  1. Joan Elizabeth,
    I watched the news tonight and my heart goes out to you and your fellow Australians. Having been through Hurricane Ivan, having lost everything but our lives in Hurricane Ivan, I have an idea of what all of you are going through. But I really can't understand it because I'm not there. I hope you are safe and that all your loved ones are safe. Please know that my heart goes out to you.

  2. It is indeed, hard to comprehend; hard to take in. And I am a lot closer, and speak the cultural language. I just cannot imagine what some people went through as they died; or what some people have gone through and yet still have to go on living.

    How do we repair the melted bodies, the haunted minds, the ravaged habitats?

    What is helping me is to look at the bush again and to understand that it is not the fault of the bush, not the fault of God, not the fault of people. It is simply a set of circumstances that tragically came together.

    It is not that people should have been better prepared: neither residents, nor SES, nor governments. It is not that people should know better than to live that close to the bush. It is simply a set of circumstances that tragically came together.

    My mind is numb ...

  3. PJ, thank you for your kind thoughts. We are far from the current fires and quite safe.

    Like you and Julie I have been digging into my experiences to try and find some comprehension but find it impossible.


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