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Passing glory

The highway passes through Mandurama. I remember thinking the first time we hurtled through it -- this place is old and interesting, we must go back and explore it. So we did.

Scintillate by Roger cGough
"I have outlived
my youthfulness
So a quiet life for me.

Where once
I used to

now I sin
till ten
past three."


  1. I like the detail in railing.
    True, the snow does provide for some nice contrasty photos. But right now I would take a nice spring day in a heart beat.

  2. I had to laugh aloud at the poem ... once in sank in!!

    That is a terrific way to photograph old shops. Now I know how to approach Balmain.

  3. I love this balcony! It reminds me of New Orleans old houses. The railing looks beautiful!

  4. It just occurred to actually get to stop and explore, JE. Mostly, I see things from the car and wish I would/could stop.

  5. Ken, spring is coming I know because we are beginning to feel the arrival of Autumn here.

    Julie, glad the poem made you laugh. It made me giggle too. In fact have found this sequence of poems on aging very amusing. There's a few more to come.

    JM, yes come to think of it the iron lace is like old houses in New Orleans.

    PJ,yes thats the joy I have found in being a photographer and blogger. Back on 1 March last year I wrote in this blog "It is such pleasure to stop and savour the moment instead of whizzing by saying isn't the countryside pretty today." I still think that.


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