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Mountain Pass

I like the view driving down the western escarpment to the lowlands beyond. Over the years getting a good navigable road down the steep descent was a challenge.

This photo is taken from Barden's lookout near Mount Victoria. From it (but not in this picture) you can see Mitchel's Victoria Pass of 1832 and below that the line of Berghoffers Pass of 1912. Victoria Pass was brought back into use in 1920.

Three-Mountain Pass by Ho Xuan Huong
"A cliff face. Another. And still a third.
Who was so skilled to carve this craggy scene:

the cavern's red door, the ridge's narrow cleft,
the black knoll bearded with little mosses?

A twisting pine bough plunges in the wind,
showering a willow's leaves with glistening drops.

Gentlemen, lords, who could refuse, though weary
and shaky in his knees, to mount once more?"


  1. "the black knoll bearded with little mosses" - this would be lichens, yes?

    I do not know those place names at all? At all ... where am I looking? What is the name of the hamlet? It is so gorgeous.

  2. Yes it would lichens! Barden's Lookout is on Mt York Rd, which goes off to the right just a little after Mt Victoria, the last village before descending the western escarpment. The hamlet you are looking at is Little Hartley.

  3. Mmm ... I can feel a weekend loop forming in this weary head ... living where I live there is a desperate need to take scenes like that in on a regular basis.

  4. I have such a limited visual idea of Australia that seeing a view like this, seeing the trees off in the distance, the green shading...I'm making adjustments. It's a beautiful sight. Julie I hope you have a good trip!


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