Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard times

Here's another one of the old shops in Mandurama. Like a lot of them, it has seen better times.

Hard Times by Roger McGough
"When we were up we were beaten
When we were down we were kicked
We used to be given meals-on-wheels
Until the wheels got nicked."


  1. But it makes for a glorious photograph.

    Letty in Ararat will love this ... I will give her a nudge.

  2. You use a lot of corrugated tin for the sides of buildings. We usually save it for the roof. I'm a huge fan of rustic buildings and these are top of the line. I wonder what it's like to be living in these old towns, if anyone is living there?

  3. PJ, mostly we use corrugated iron for roofs but in some parts of Australia (not a lot) it is on the sides of buildings as well. This seems to one of those parts.

    This particular building however has timber walls. We call it weatherboard don't know if you call it that over your way.

    There certainly are people living in these towns. We don't have many ghost towns like I have seen in the USA. The population will typically be small (say 500-600 people), proud of their place, very community spirited, and have lived there for generations. I grew up in such a town.

    There are modern amenities in the towns, I have chosen to photograph the buildings that show a more interesting history.

  4. Would like to see this house restored but, as Julie says, it makes a wonderful photo.