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The art of conversation

Taking the lead from my friends over at 100 strangers I asked Charlie if he would mind me taking his photo. He was sitting sketching one of the old buildings at Hartley. We had such a lovely chat I was reminded of when I was a country girl who talked to anybody and everybody. I resolved from that day forward to talk more to people I meet -- it makes life so much more interesting.

Conversation by Elizabeth Bishop
"The tumult in the heart
keeps asking questions.
And then it stops and undertakes to answer
in the same tone of voice.
No one could tell the difference.

Uninnocent, these conversations start,
and then engage the senses,
only half-meaning to.
And then there is no choice,
and then there is no sense;

until a name
and all its connotation are the same."


  1. I am glad you have done this.

    The colouring of this portrait is terrific: so country. You have everything that we have been discussing over the last 6 weeks. Quite, quite lovely.

    Conversation is like that isn't it: way leads onto way. I am stopped frequently in the street by people talking to me: I have a lived in face and an approachable demeanour. I often simply stop to watch what others are doing. I nod, smile and say hello all the time. It is a wonderful way to approach every day.

  2. Good for you. I'm finding it easier although I don't always have a proper conversation. The fear still hasn't totally gone and probably never will. Lovely shot.

  3. One needs the "fear" so not to approach people who are up to no good.

  4. Wonderful portrait and composition! I would love to see the sksurnsetetch... :-)

  5. Sorry... I meant sketch! (don't know what happened here...)

  6. My husband laughs at me for talking to people on the train. It's not really the done thing in Sydney!


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