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Canberra to Junee

Somewhere been Canberra and Yass

Around Canberra I usually think of the blue hills in the distance but today it's all about green hills -- the countryside is an amazing green from all of the rain.  

Let me mention that the photography on this trip is a lot different from the old Sweet Wayfaring days.  Now we have the big caravan it is simply impossible to pull over a my every whim so most shots are grabbed from a moving car and often through the tinted glass window. Add to that the frustration of the extension mirrors required for the caravan and it's mighty hard to get a good shot out of the window so I pretty much gave up in the end.

Also I am working as we go having to fit in 30-40 hours a week of work, as well as travel and a little sight seeing at each destination - this leaves little time or energy for much photography.  

However, I'm resisting looking at email as we drive along so we can enjoy the journey.


  1. Lovely green countryside Joan. Wishing you and yours a safe trip with some balancing "you" time between all that work!!

    1. Work was a juggling act all of the way. But next year I might retire and travel a different way.

  2. Green but grey and cold too. Sorry to hear that your photographic style has been crushed by a caravan.

    1. Some of the greyness is the window tint. I am not sure that the style has been so much crushed by the caravan as the working hours … I was getting a bit tired.

  3. I will really enjoy seeing your journey... specially since you ventured down out our way....

    1. Yes it was a joy visiting your part of the land.


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