Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sawn Rocks

Isn't this magical!  Down below in the creek bed there are tumble down organ pipes and markings on the creek bed where other pipes have been worn down by glaciers or something.  I didn't know this place existed and am enchanted by it.


  1. Ah, more basalt columns. They seem to pop up all over the ranges in NSW. To think that NSW was full of volcanic activity way back when.

  2. I've seen this on another blog but can't remember whose. Its amazing.

  3. You're absolutely right - totally magical!
    Just a few kilometers off the beaten track too.

  4. This reminds me that I visited the Organ Pipes near Melb. long ago.
    I'd forgotten all about that!

  5. Truly amazing! There's no artist like nature.

    Regarding your comment, I remember posting (at least) one photo of a tank of mine: http://oeirasdailyphoto.blogspot.pt/2011/12/tropical-rainforest-puddle.html