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Cute isn't it.  But it isn't real, it was a movie set apparently.  I wondered if the old caravan nearby was the trailer for the movie stars.


  1. That's a really cute church/house. There are certainly lots of interesting structures around.

    1. Yes heaps. That is the charm of the place, if you aren't really interested in digging or noodling for Opals.

  2. And even they did not have to take their rubbish away! I guess they are out the back-o-bourke! Literally ...

    1. Not quite out the back-o-bourke, not that far west.

  3. I do agree that is quite a cute church,,, probably not very practical in the heat... but cute nonetheless.

    1. Well it is not actually a church, it is a movie set. I looked in the window and it has junk in it, like any blokes shed.


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