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We decided to pop over the border to Queensland for a very brief visit to the tiny town of Hebel … not much more than a few houses,  a pub and general store where we had afternoon tea.


  1. I drove through Hebel once ... if we hadn't been in a hurry we'd have stopped for a look!! I'll put it on the list for next time :D

    1. Sadly there is never enough time to stop at all of the places. That is what I loved about my 100 towns project I did some years ago ... I actually stopped and looked at each of the towns, not matter how big of small. I would like to do a project like that again.

  2. Yeah, do a project like that again. Was it really "a number of years ago"? How about "A River Runs Through it" ...

  3. Or ... knowing you two ... "100 country cafes" ...

    1. Trying not to put on any more weight so will give that one a miss. I have thought of all sorts of ideas but nothing that I can quite settle on. Life seems so much busier at the moment.

    2. You need a restricted area ... a recurring theme ... that takes yer fancy ...

  4. Yeah thats a good one"A 100 country Cafes or bakeries Red would like that. I have never heard of Hebel.

  5. Replies
    1. Inter sting that you should suggest that because it is an idea I have been playing with. We were at Bathurst information centre a few weeks ago where they have a restored Cobb and Co coach. I picked up maps of the routes to see if a new project might come of it. Haven't had time to look over the maps and form a plan yet.


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