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Gulargumbone is a town with one of those names that just asks to be visited.

I thought I got there once but found I was at Girilambone so I was excited to know I was visiting the real deal this time. It is an aboriginal name with something to do with Galahs so at the entrance to the town and all over the place there are metal galah sculptures.

The town itself was looking neat but a little old and sad but it was Sunday so hard to tell if the closed shop fronts stay that way during the week.


  1. Well... that's somewhere I've never been - nor even heard of - which is unusual when you consider how many times I've been back and forward on that road between Gilgandra and Coonabarabran.
    You would think I would have at least seen a sign to it.
    I love driving through that part of the world - some of the prettiest country in Aust.

    1. You would have been travelling on the Newell highway. We have diverted from there on the Castlereagh. Gilgandra is on both highways. This is not on the usual track going north especially if going to Toowoomba.

  2. What a quaint looking town, though I know many regional places are suffering and struggling to stay afloat.

  3. What a quaint looking town, though I know many regional places are suffering and struggling to stay afloat.

    1. Even in the city there are lots of empty shop fronts these days. A combination of shopping malls and Internet shopping. In the country there is the added city drift.

    2. I hate shopping in malls, especially Westfields. Plastic everywhere. Soul-less. I do like internet shopping though that is slated to end in 2017. I wonder if the govt will be asked to compensate those businessess crafted upon the internet shopping boom who will lose their custom once the GST is on everything?

  4. I thought it was a made up name. It is a shame these little places can't come alive again.

    1. Yes that is what makes it so exciting to find it is real. There are several towns with bone in their name in this area.

    2. No idea but because there is a cluster of them out that way I suspect there must be something in the aboriginal language that prompted it. Like all of the 'up' towns in WA.

  5. This street is different from many others you have shown. Firtstly, the trees, and second, the style of building. They look less like shops, and more like the miners' shacks in old Hill End.

    1. Yes it is an interesting street and I would have liked to explore more. The trouble was we had to park a bit of a distance because the caravan. Then I walked down to discover this street and my camera battery run out. The trees are nice and the buildings somewhat ramshackle but that could be because of the timber construction which you find more and more of as you move up towards Qld. Here the mountains the old shops built in timber (since demolished in Lawson) had that same type of look.

    2. And it is the timber buildings in Hill End that have the same appearance. The brick ones are quite a different matter.


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