Thursday, August 27, 2015


What can I do with that old bottle. I know, why not build a house.


  1. I used to be bemused by this sort of venture, all around Australia. Some people build shell houses. Some people let their house and garden be over-run by gnome statues. Why do people do this? And what makes them think that other people will pay to see their own private folly? 'Tis a bemusement.

    1. I guess they think people will pay to see their private folly because people DO pay -- nothing like being on holiday to loosen the purse strings. Some people just do things to delight others ... take those enormous Christmas light displays for example.

      Another thing I have found is that if you let people know you a collecting something then they multiply very quickly ... nothing better to know your friend/relative is into frogs for example. Now you never have to think again when giving them a gift, just grab the nearest froggy thing and you are done.

      I make a point of never letting anything I collect get to more than a half dozen items except for books ... they are my weakness :-)