Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tired feet

This indigenous painting makes me so wish I was out Sweet Wayfaring in the bush instead of trudging around a city gallery.  My feet are tired.

Mind you the artist Ian Abdulla probably had tired feet too. The title of the painting is Swimming before school and the words written at the top say "Swimming in the river first thing before going to school wich was our way of having a bath in the morning while some of us would put a slice of bread on a stick and hold the bread near the flames so the bread was just like a piece of toast. Then we would walk about 10 miles to school and back again."

That brings back memories, toast cooked over the coals, I often had that before going to school.


  1. Very foreign to a townie like me, but doesn't seem like a bad way to start the day.

  2. Interesting aspect of the painting. After wayfaring Art Galleries are a good alternative.

  3. Love this painting. And the story that goes with it just makes me want to be there. Not at the gallery but early morning at the river :)