Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sea Lines 1 of 7

It is not a very interesting beach, just big and sandy with waves rolling and rolling.  That's why I always think about lines when I am by the sea.

The beach also has a line of ships on the horizon.  Waiting to be loaded at Port Kembla I guess.


  1. I love it Joan - we're further away from our lovely watery spot at the moment and looking at your photo I can hear that lovely constant gentle sound when one stands by the surf.
    The theme of lines is so descriptive - even the lines of colour - there's so much going on out there :D)

  2. I am not much of a sea person myself I find it too restless and blowy but I do enjoy an occasional visit.

  3. The lines give the image good depth. I so miss the coast...

  4. Isn't that funny - how an environment can impact upon people differently?
    I've never noticed lines at the beach.
    To me it feels like a big swirly expanse.
    And that blowy restlessness you feel, feels to me like umm (what word?) ...... freedom.

    1. Yes I know how much the sea captivates people and think of all its movement and how many people who have moved away from the sea would yearn for it.