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A Touch of Red 1 of 4

Happy New Year!

We've been to the beach so I am going to show you four shots, each with a touch of red, while I get my act together on my new project Roads that Beckon.  Read more about it and my 2013 blog plan here.


  1. ANY shade of RED works for me! Looking forward to Roads that Beckon!!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Ah, a Hibiscus! I got one, too. In a pot. Inside the house. Dah! ;-)

    1. I have never thought of Hibiscus as an indoors plant. I thought they needed lots of sun.

    2. Remember our conversation about staghorn fern? And often our houses (i.e. the bigger windows) are south facing.
      We have outdoor Hibiscus (Hibisci?), too. With smaller blossoms.

  3. I'm sure I will enjoy this series. Great shot to start with. Happy New year.

  4. Yes, looking forward to it mightily!

    See that DoF ... that is something I am going to focus upon this year with the CDP portal and in my own photography. Such a good look.

    The clarity of this image is quite astounding .... goodo ...

    1. He he I let the camera do the DoF stuff for me ... though I do know how to set the aperture if I want to force it.

      It is a rather nice prime macro lens which I guess helped the clarity ... oh yes the camera has been cleaned too before I knew it was my eye that was not so clear rather than then camera :-)

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours too.

    Lovely shot, and I have to go now as i want to read about your new project.

  6. Gorgeous hibiscus, and interesting program - I find that blogging lets me just drift, and that suits me fine (for now).

    Happy New Year and many new images, Joan.


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