Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter world

It's winter world around Canberra.  Escaping daytime maximums of 8C at home we're looking forward to warmer days, though we do anticipate chilly nights in the inland.

The grass is wintery brown but there is lots of it after all the rain of recent months.


  1. Nice shot but looks cold. I haven't thawed out from the bridge climb yet.

  2. I love nothing better than a sunny, crisp winter's day.
    Tastes like an apple.

  3. Wonderfully bleak image. And yes, I can see at the same time that it is bountiful. I am intruiged by your working schedule. Bit like being a 'writer' really. How exciting for the two of you.

    1. Well I am a writer of sorts ... of marketing brochures! The new schedule was a deliberate change to allow us to try a more free wheeling lifestyle.