Saturday, July 21, 2012

A correction

I remember the pigeons were doing that at the Harden Railway Station last time we were here.

And there is a Royal Hotel up the road which I had recorded as being in Boorowa instead of the nearby town of Harden ... ooops I had better go fix that.


  1. ... tsk ... tsk ... gotta get it right, woman!

    Seeing those pigeons ... on the corner of Park and Elizabeth, where I wait for the 389 bus to go home from the city, there is a surfing PeeWee. He waits for the traffic to queue at the traffic lights, then he swoops down, and bus-flutters, flying from the wing-rear-vision-mirrors, up to the centre front of the bus, and back again. Again and again. When the traffic starts again, he remains on the mirror, and when the bus passes through the intersection he flies off and back up to this tree to do it again with the next bus. I have noticed him for a couple of years now. Creature of habit, obviously.

    1. That is quite amazing. I wonder what s/he gets out of it.

  2. They are discussing world affairs but mostly the weather.

  3. Now the weather is a topic the engrosses us all ... perhaps interspersed with how much longer Julia can last.

  4. JG should last until October 2013 ... then back to the Middle Ages.