Sunday, May 20, 2012


Its the same house as yesterday.  Worth a repeat I think for the silvery weathered wood and wintery grass in the low sunlight.

We are not too far from Yeoval.  Visit Yeoval at 100 Towns.


  1. I can sense of peace and quiet as the sun slowly sinks in the sky leaving that wonderful soft golden glow ..... A beautiful capture.

  2. Silver with a touch of gold. Nice framing.

  3. I like this better than the day before. I like rural neglect for many reasons.

  4. I like rural neglect AND urban neglect. They are both a magnet.

    Look at the angle of the roofing here. It is very erect. Am I right in thinking more so than normal in the NSW countryside? I wonder why they want to capture more air in the ceiling cavity - temperature control? Perhaps simply because they like the design ...

    1. Yes the pitch of the roof does seem higher. Perhaps they came from Europe and the snow and didn't realise they were not going to see any here. Like older houses being oriented South instead of North.