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Turon River

On the road between Sofala and Hill End we stopped by the Turon River. It was a delightful spot. (And the photo looks much better full size on my desktop)


  1. lovely spot for a respite.

    how do you find the time to keep
    up with so many beautiful blogs?

    it boggles my mind, really.

    i was thinking today how much your
    encouragement in my early days of
    blogging about 'mina' from dracula gave
    me such a boost.

    i think i was faltering a bit then and
    completely unsure of myself, but you
    gave me just the right nudge that i

    thank you.

  2. This would be the headland that you flagged a couple of days ago, yes? That loopy log is the foreground is fabulous.

  3. Lea, thanks. I guess I just love being out and about in our wonderful world than I can't stop myself telling people about it!

    Julie, yes the headland I flagged. I had this photo on my desktop for a week or two so it was etched in my mind. There were other shots I loved from this river but in the end we have to pick and choose. Having a hard time doing that today from the selections from yesterday's wayfaring trip.

  4. I like all these peaceful places you're finding on your travels. It's always a surprise to see where you wind up next.

  5. What a pretty stretch of river!

  6. Love that stone wall by the water. Beautiful spot!


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