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Nature reclaiming

Blast Furnace Park, Lithgow

I first learnt of this place from Winam's Static and Silence blog and knew right then I would have to explore it myself one day. I just love the way nature is taking over the ruin with all the summer flowers in bloom.


  1. Oh, I don't know where to begin. I would be in heaven in this place. The outline of the vegetation growing down the wall is amazing, that first photo has me completely riveted, and the brickwork is terrific.

  2. I want to visit! Thank you so much for the snap and share!

  3. I like all the angles you have here - it makes me feel like I've gone on my own adventure/trip just by looking at your photographs.

  4. I especially like the slab of metal in the first photo.

  5. Your photos of the Blast Furnace are fab, Joan!

  6. there is something so endearing about these structures ..your images feature such amazing angles and textures~elk

  7. Old places like this give you the feeling that you are the first to find and explore it. Clearly not the case but a nice feeling anyway.

  8. The "slab of metal" as AB said is the one thing that shows me, hey, it is not a church but something else. Amazing. I like the first photo because of its unique perspective.
    And did I say that your new masthead is so coool, wow!

  9. Yep, agree with the comments from Paula and Martina about the masthead - a knockout.

    Good little mosaic of this area. I like that brickwork encasing the round window.


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