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Church, Hill End

Hill End is another old gold mining town. We visited there last year and I showed photos of this church. This time I was on the other side and noticed the old bell tower.


  1. Looks like me doing my "twist from the waist" exercises!

    This old bell tower does not look like it is long for this vertical world ...

    Love Hill End ...

  2. I love the image that conjures up ... you doing your twist from the waist. And maybe I was lucky to get a photograph before it goes ... a bit like getting the shot in Sofala before the building got tarted up.

  3. Interesting - you say bell tower to this wooden structure? (gallows?) It does not look like it is going to hold some heavy bell for a second, though ;-)

  4. A bell tower? How amazing! Great composition.

  5. And I thought is was a hangman's scaffold!


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