Saturday, October 24, 2009


While we were waiting impatiently for the train at Katoomba station, I snapped away. After all I needed a record of this trip ... we'd been thinking about it for 16 years!

This building doesn't seem to have any purpose beyond looking antiquated. And I've never spent any time looking at the mural before ... it seems to have a little bit of everything Blue Mountains captured.


  1. The patina of the planks is just right. And that roof-line: what is it trying to achieve? In Sydney I am finding lots of small buildings that were originally used by the MWS&DB. This looks like it could be Electricity Commission or some such.

    I think I am going to like this trip as my latest little medical blip saw me loose my car until sorted out.

  2. What kind of wood doesn't age? New/stained? It looks substantial. If it exists soley to provide you with a photographic opportunity, well that's enough. The mural is a stunner.

  3. The patina of aging wood is lovely ... provided it isn't your own home ... in which case it is best to get the paint brushes out before it begins to peel and need major work.

    An exterior paint job will last 10 years if done well ... much less if the painter skimped on the paint, quality or preparation and if the climate is harsh.

    It is actually rather a small building, a workshop, signal room or some such thing I guess.