Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We headed off to Shoalhaven Heads stopping at the river before going down the the beach.

When I saw the boat pulled up on the bank I imagined in my mind's eye a shot like those by Peter and Lucy and this is all I got.


  1. Yeah, the one in Bermuda is a pretty good study of light, I would think.

    I like the lines on the bottom of this runabout though.

  2. Nice use of depth of field. The place looks idyllic.

  3. I like this photo very much, as AB sad, DOF is nice. It feels a little bit melancholic to me, like, summer is over, no more boating on the sea. But that is clearly created by the temperatures around here ... .

  4. Thanks guys, it might not have been what I thought I might capture but as you say it didn't work out too bad.

    Martina, it was taken several weeks ago during winter so perhaps it was pulled up on the shore waiting for the summer sun.