Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tidy rustic 2

Berry is much more of a functioning town than Berrima, with supermarkets and the full complement of shops together with the touristy stuff. And the architecture is very different. In Berry old buildings have two levels and are brick or timber, not sandstone.

Berrima is "lavender" whereas Berry is the brighter but still quaintly old "geranium".


  1. This is very tidy indeed. These are geraniums in the window "pots"? I suppose they are all over the world, geraniums in combination with window pots. Hmm, funny, now that I think of it .. .

  2. Yes geraniums in window boxes are a world-wide thing but window boxes are not all the common in Australia. We are in awe with what you do with them in Europe.

    Here geraniums are VERY easy to grow so the second picture of an old specimin finding it's way through a fence is the more likely way you will see them here. Certainly how you see them in my garden :-)

  3. Great brick architecture and lovely shot!

  4. This comparison thing with Berry:Berrima is wonderful! Certainly destroys my preconceptions! Just the first two posts blow the similarity out of the water.

    One is South Coast the other is Southern Highlands.

    A bit like saying one is St Ives the other is Balmoral.

    You could probably add a Blue Mountains comparison ...

  5. Julie, that's a challenge I just might take up -- it think it will make an interesting third comparison.

    I too was surprised to see that they really aren't a match beyond being tourist towns.