Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stylish Dogs 2

This little lady walked her pet with such aplomb.

Kiama Lighthouse (I'll show you the lighthouse tomorrow.)


  1. ROFL - what kind of stylish Australian dog is this???

  2. Just been browsing through your blogs. They are very good and I enjoyed them. Your photography is terrific and I'd love to know how to eep colour in one area only, I guess it is done with Photo Shop.

    Adventure Before Dementia

  3. Hi Diane, thanks for visiting. Yes colouring is done with photoshop. I duplicate the image in a second layer, convert that layer to B&W then erase the bit I want to colour.

    Another way is use a freehand tool to circle the part of the image you want to keep coloured and copy it to your clipboard. Then convert the image to B&W and paste the colour bit back on top. This method is not as accurate.

  4. Such a great commentary on the previous post! Love it ...

  5. You do have some strange animals down there at the other end of the world,