Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On and off


At the bigger towns I indulged my new pastime of capturing the essence of the people around me as clusters of people joined and left the train.

We were to discover when we got off the train a few hours later that a chilly mountain morning had given way to a very warm day. I guess this lady soon discarded those elegant woollens and put on her sun hat instead.


  1. She does look elegant and your photo emphasises this. This time of the year is a devil for appropriate dressing. Extensive layering is the only option.

  2. Ah, we're in the same season, how to heat/cool the house at night too.

    The woman looks fully equipped, maybe an old hand at this. Love her knit wear.

  3. And when you move from the mountains to the plains the problem gets even worse ... because there can be 10 degrees difference in temperature anyway without the changeable nature of the season.

    Yep layers of clothing outside and layers of blankets inside seems to be the only answer.