Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Milking time

This one is especially for Martina who likes cows. We're driving the 20kms or so from Kiama to Berry. Rich dairy land rolls by.

A month ago when I was showing photos of Berrima, Julie compared it to Berry. This gave me an idea for a photographic challenge ... to find the same shots in Berry ... Antiques, Tidy Rustic, Arty, Crafty, Foodie, Bookish and Wrapup. Let's see how we go and discover whether the towns really are comparable.


  1. Hah fabulous idea!

    How come are the cows in a line like that? Look like they are pretending to be a row of poplars breaking the prevailing wind.

    Love the South Coast ...

  2. Cows do that a couple of times every day without being asked ... they all follow each other to the milking shed.

  3. A standard European joke. What do three Englishman do when they have nothing better do? Form a queue.

    I think you can see the British ancestry in these cows.

  4. Good one AB .. though I learnt at school that Friesian cows came from Holland :-)