Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Industry past and present

Coming into Bathurst. It's not all green scenes along the track.

Blayney. The base for Australia's largest inland container terminal.


  1. What a strange but interesting construction! Also like the containers composition, well done!

  2. I see Saarland and Lorraine do not have a monopoly on abandoned factories.

  3. Thanks JM

    AB, I needed a change from abandoned farm houses.

    The rail network doesn't hold the same place as it did in the past. Road transport is more flexible as it can go point-to-point which doesn't involve loading a train then reloading onto trucks to complete the final leg. As a result there are disused rail lines, empty railway stations and abandoned buildings all over the place.

  4. Yes, but somehow I think that the lack of investment in the rail structure is going to bite us in the bum over the next 50 years or so.

    I like industrial abandon just as much as rural abandon. Not a lot of either in Double Bay.

    Shall try to find something abandoned in paradise ...

  5. Julie, I'm inclined to agree regarding the rail structure .. both the long distance and suburban networks.

    Don't worry, you'll find plenty of interest in Double Bay and Kings Cross is not too far away ... with its abandon of every kind.

  6. Has a high speed link connecting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne never been considered? Those kind of distances between big cities in Europe are now covered by popular train services.

  7. A Very Fast Train link between the three cities comes up on a regular basis but is always declared not viable. We have a very small population in a vast land.