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Clean slate

The day's activities would soon surrender to the encroaching waves. I like that about the sea, the way it gives you a fresh start each day. At dawn you can feel like an explorer on a pristine beach.


  1. ...*grin*...
    It even cleans one's slate mid masterpiece!!

    I have not walked along a sandy beach all this year ... that I can remember ... ah yes yes ... Palm Beach last January!

    My how time flies ...

  2. I'm glad to back here, your latest photos are wonderfully atmospheric. Are you wayfaring for a while still?

  3. PS I put the swallow on my desktop, really lovely.

  4. Hi Paula, we are so happy to have you back in the blogosphere. We just go wayfaring on the weekends but as my work has dropped off a little lately I've been getting in a few extra long weekends.

    Glad you liked the swallow. I've been exploring people shots recently and finding that rewarding but am thinking it's time to go down to the waterfalls again and do some more nature or - dread the thought - get up early and try to take some dawn shots in the mountains.

  5. It makes one wonder what the activities were that left such traces in the sand.

  6. Yes, yes ... dawn shots in the mountains.

    ... *chuckle* ...


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