Saturday, July 18, 2009

Water Interlude

I was looking forward to seeing Chifley Dam thinking perhaps it would be a nice picnic spot like other lakes and dams I have shown you -- like Lake Canobolas, Carcoar Dam or maybe Lake Windermere. When I arrived I was disappointed, flat and boring. But as it turned out the interplay of light made it rich source of images so you are going to get more over the next few days.

The image has an Japanese feel about it so I am including Matsuo Basho's famous hiaku
"The old pond;
a frog jumps in —
the sound of the water.


  1. i agree ~it is clean and sparse in a special way...i look forward to your series~

  2. Yes, Japanese was my first thought too. Nicely composed pic.

  3. Agreed. Nice lines and shapes in grey.