Saturday, July 11, 2009

Story book cottage (1 of 2)

This looks like something from those English storybooks we read as children before the era of Australian children's literature. All it needs is some smoke from the chimney.

The Cottage by Eleanor Farjeon -- my favourite childhood poet and story teller (very English)
"When I live in a Cottage
I shall keep in my cottage
Two different Dogs,
Three creamy Cows,
Four giddy Goats,
Five Pewter Pots,
Six silver Spoons,
Seven busy Beehives,
Eight ancient Appletrees,
Nine red Rosebushes,
Ten teeming Teapots,
Eleven chirping Chickens,
Twelve cosy Cats with their Kittenish Kittens, and
One Blessed Baby in a Basket.
That's what I'll have when I live in my Cottage."


  1. Sans baby, I agree with EF. I have this dream: to retire to just the place she describes.

    This is an eye-popping photo, JE. Reminds me of a painting in AG-NSW ... darn cannot find it ... winters morning or morning light.

    This is a damn fine austraian landscape just so well defined by attention to curve and slope.


  2. The cottage is wonderfully captured in this shot Joan Elizabeth, and I can almost imagine the items in teh poem within and around it (I'd keep that baby)

  3. Beautiful composition. Lack of smoke in the chimney - deserted?

  4. Love the colours! A true painting.

  5. Gorgeous pic. Would love it framed on my wall.

  6. It does look like rolling English countryside, but in some ways it does not look so English. In the farm buildings, there would seem to be a lot of wood construction. And, at least in my storybook version of England, the metal fence would be replaced by a hedgerow,