Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know you are ... (5)

You know you are in the country when the post box is big and the front gate is discouragingly difficult to open ... locals visit through the driveway or back gate. The unusually grand design of this front gate belies the state of the house and yard. There is always at least one residence ruining a town's tidy image.


  1. But this just reeks of potential ... all one would need is a bull-dozer to clear up the yard. And probably to tear down that front verandah.

    But didn't the early settlers always know the best spots to chose for a residence. Just in the lay of the hill, probably facing the morning sun and sheltered from the harsh westerlies.

  2. Ah. yes, but clean up that yard & give that house some TLC & it would be stunning. I am sure that house could tell some stories if we took the time to listen

  3. What a scream! No, wait, that's my house! Well, maybe when we first bought it. It's much better now. Really, it's too much.

  4. I allways enjoy seeing the signs of time, but on the other hand things look great when recovered or well maintained.
    I like the panoramic shot.