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You know you are ... (4)

You know you are in the country when cement objects and garden gnomes decorate the lawn. Actually this is more particularly assocated with older people so not restricted to the country. However, country towns seem to have a disproportionate number of non-trendy older folk.

Cement swans are actually surpassed by swans made out of old tyres but I didn't see one on this walk.


  1. Well, I like concrete garden ornaments but not painted. I like the way concrete can reference stone, when it's done right. To be truthful, in the last two days I've created two "benches" out of two discarded concrete slabs, some bench supports that were kicked to the curb, and some homemade stepping stones repurposed as bench supports. They're not as bad as they sound but I would prefer that you thought of them as rustic! I'll take some photos and put them on my gardening blog...if I still like them in a week or so.

  2. I agree it's the painted objects that are so 1950s. Concrete can do a pretty good job of looking rustic ... there's a rough bench in my garden masquerading as sandstone. And frankly the neighbour's broken concrete path looks nearly as good as my sandstone paths ... and cost them a lot less. I'll keep an eye out for your photos.

  3. Ah now ... Redfern, Surry Hills and Waterloo each has its fair share of gnomes and other concrete garden decorations. Methinks to do with socio-economic bracket and education level.

    I have a concrete frill-neck lizard.

  4. Well, definitely not my cup of tea, but the photo is wonderful, no doubt about it! :-)

  5. and tyre swings.... please find a tyre swing for me!

    Or a row of white painted half submerged tyres, now there'd be a treat.


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