Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You know you are ... (3)

You know you are in the country when tyres feature in the garden and the chook shed (chicken coop) has been repurposed at least two or three times.


  1. Yes. Could not agree more - quintessial aussie!!

    I burst out laughing: the down-at-heel-ness of the entire structure is so delightful.

    I nearly mentioned tyre gardens in the dunny picture but I think it is more like a wheel rim - which is a first for me.

    This is a corker, Joan.

  2. Great series! Fantastic captures and details too.

  3. Fantastic! That is astonishing.
    Re the "tyres":
    When we moved to our present location it was in pretty bad shape. I've lost the pictures to a dead hard drive but I had a series of photographs of all the various kinds of tires/tyres that were left here. I comforted myself by thinking of them as some kind of art installation. They were kind of cool looking....but I was really glad when they were all gone.

  4. Yipes PJ, I'm glad you didn't keep the tyres ... or worse yet you could have turned them into tyre swans!