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Railway towns

Like many inland towns the arrival of the railway spurred on the progress of Molong. The railway didn't arrive until 1886 but the decision made 1881 was sufficient to immediately boost its development.

Today the track seems to be used for freight but not passengers and the old station houses the local library so the building is well maintained.


  1. Hah! I have scheduled my own trip through to Mudgee for the last weekend in May taking in some of the areas you did on your previous journey.

    I love these trips ...

  2. Details if I may please, Joan.

    How far do you travel over a weekend when you design these excursions? I have in mind on the outward journey doing Mudgee (via Kandos & Rylstone)and the return journey to Sydney via Sofala, Bathurst & Lithgow. If I leave at 7am Saturday and return about 7pm Sunday, would this be nice and leisurely?

    A friend I have asked along suggested we stay the night at Dubbo and visit the zoo on the Sunday morning. Do you reckon I would then have to push to get back to Sydney, or even have to miss out the Sofala loop?

  3. Julie, the first itinerary you propose would certainly be doable and make for a very interesting trip but the degree of leisure would depend on how many times you want to stop and take a photo or explore a town. The Mudgee district tour I did was just a day trip and covered the ground you are suggesting but remember we are 1.5 hours further along the road than you and we got home well into the evening.

    Bathurst, Sofala, Hill End makes for a nice leisurely day trip from here so should be good for your return trip ... there's much of interest to explore.

    I don't recommend including Dubbo. Its a good bit further and the Zoo will take at least a half day on its own. You would definitely have to return without doing the Sofala loop.

  4. Love the sign! Glad they have kept it.

  5. Thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog :-D . Yes, I am following your blog for some weeks now, your photos are expressive - it tells its own tale that someone living at the opposite site of the globe now is constantly reading about day trips happening some 16000 km away ;-).

  6. Thank you for that information, Joan. It was as I had sort of calculated. I have a map of NSW with a 400km radius marked from Sydney. This I think is doable over a weekend. It includes Seal Rocks to the north, Ulladulla to the south and comes just before Mudgee to the west.

    As you will realise, I will want to include many stops for photographs and just to smell the ground. I need to get out of the city for a while - back to someone else's reality!

  7. This is great, everything looks so substantial. I hate it when they tear buildings down and put something bland up. Yay for the red sign holder.


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