Thursday, June 12, 2008

Glorious Dead

Wellington has a large attractive public garden. I was interested in the war memorial within this setting. Not that it was surprising in any way to be there, as just about every town in Australia has one, but this particular memorial was more elegant than the the soldier standing on a pedistal so commonly seen in country towns.

From The Fourth of August by Laurence Binyon
"Now in thy splendour go before us.
Spirit of England, ardent-eyed,
Enkindle this dear earth that bore us
In the hour of peril purified.

The cares we hugged drop out of vision,
Our hearts with deeper thought dilate,
We step from days of sour division
Into the grandeur of our fate.

For us the glorious dead have striven,
They battled that we might be free.
We to their living cause are given;
We arm for men that are to be."

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